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We created this blog to help foreigners who want to try a job in China but don't know where they should look for. Some big websites offer jobs that sometimes don't bring many details and that's where we want to give you this advantage.

Some would be scared of coming to China for not sure what they will find here, others don't have any idea of how much they should accept from schools.

So  we are here to give these tips and answer your questions.


We connect with the schools that need foreigners
Easy interaction with other teachers working China
We can give you some advice

Life in China can be Amazing especially when you find the right people offering the right Job


We put in touch with the English Centers here in China.


So, Give it a Try and Ask Us what you should do and how to apply for a Teaching position !


Get a Job and Enjoy Life in China! 

It could be scary to come to a country with so many taboos and censorship, but it can be a Great Experience living in this Amazing country! 

 Most of the classes in China are for Kindergarten students, the scond and third options would be Primary School and Middle School Students, respectively 


Get a Job and Enjoy Life in China! 


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